You snooze, you lose?

I should’ve known better.

I do this to myself every time I’m about to travel somewhere. For some reason, I end up packing my whole life in an over-stuffed suitcase the night before I’m supposed to depart. I guess procrastinating to the point of panic sounds better in my head than to prepare ahead of time, like any other normal person who is going away for two months would do. And where does this lead me? An incessant throbbing headache, making a “pit stop” at the wrong airport (sorry, Sharif), and a one hundred dollar fine for an overweight checked bag. Ay caramba! Regardless of these minor “bumps” in the road, I still managed to put the biggest smile on my face, because after all, I’m en-route to Madrid! After I connect in Atlanta, that is.

Fast-forward about 22 hours later and I am relaxing in what I now call my new bedroom and home. Not to mention I’m hungry as heck — bring out the food! My new madre has bought fresh bread from the market and prepared for me and my roomates today: ensalada de aguacade, which is avocado salad with tuna, tomatos, and onions, pimientos de padron, a fried pepper, torrtilla de patata con cebolla, a kind of fried-potato-y, egg-y, onion-quiche which was my absolute favorite. Last but not least, melocoton y nalmibar con nata for dessert, which is peaches with whipped cream. Needless to say, my taste buds are having a fiesta.


8 thoughts on “You snooze, you lose?

  1. OH man! This is so exciting! Your room looks pretty cozy and fun! 🙂 I hope you continue to grow and learn, and take amazing photos. Don’t be shy!!! I need to see everything you’re experiencing. SOOOO amaziingg! 😀

    Oh! and you asked for my blog before, here it is:
    Please be aware that I’m ‘on vacation’ from my blog this month and gaining a lot of inspiration while I’m OOO (Out of the Office) 😉

    • Cami, you don’t understand how much I appreciate all the advice and support you’ve been giving me!<3 I love it here, and I definitely will try my best. I look forward to following your blog 🙂

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