La Plaza Mayor y La Puerta del Sol adventure

Reason number six why studying in Madrid rocks? Sometimes your classes don’t start until 3:30 in the afternoon.

This leaves just the right amount of time for exploring part of the city. So today, some friends from school and I went to the Puerta del Sol and Plaza de Mayor before our afternoon classes. These are two of the busiest and most well known plazas right in the centre of Madrid. Both are huge squares surrounded by beautiful architecture that holds events, shops, restaurants, and apparently Disney characters.

Take a look:


Occupy Madrid in la Puerta del Sol.


Casie (right) and I


Oh, hey, Minnie!


The best dessert ever, according to Casie. Looks about right.


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Entering la Plaza Mayor


Holy latte!


I’m not sure of the story behind this, but on the lampposts were a bunch of locks. I like to call them, “locks of love”


Studded doors on a cathedral.


Having a picnic for lunch at Retiro Park.


So relaxing.Image

Human or statue?ImageImageImageImage

And now it’s time for escuela (school)…Image

Dinner every night just keeps getting better! We ate the most tender white fish my taste buds have ever encountered, with potatoes, more fresh bread, of course, and pasta con verduras (vegetables) in a creme sauce.


Last and never least, dessert of chocolate pudding with sliced apples and bananas. Our madre spoils us.Image


7 thoughts on “La Plaza Mayor y La Puerta del Sol adventure

  1. Lammouse,

    You look great. I miss you so much. Pictures are phenomenal. As usual, you are doing a fantastic job. Take care. Love you. Your dad.

  2. Trip looks amazing!!! Great pictures, SO JEALOUS!!! Grab me a latte por favor! AND/OR ALL THAT AMAZING FOOD. Gracias

  3. This is great, I’m trying to cook at home more, and your madre’s meals are definitely a good source of inspiration! 🙂 RECIPES!!!

    Also, I love all the photos you’re taking, 🙂 Everything is almost 3D+HD haha 🙂

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