Ever experienced one of those moments where you had absolutely nothing to say? This is one of them.

Well, maybe not completely, but after three days of running on, maybe, 15 hours of sleep combined, I think this jetlag has finally gotten to my head.

To top it off, Casie and I took the long walk to school today, literally. Calle de Alcala is the longest and one of the oldest streets in Madrid. And although we spent most of the day inside Estudio Sampere learning Spanish, what a beautiful walk to school it was. We originally took this route in search of a mercado (market) that we were told has many fresh fruits, vegetables, desserts, and comidas (food) of all kinds, but what we encountered along the way was building after grandeur building.

Seriously, it was like I was walking through another era. We didn’t have time to find the market on the way to school, due to the fact it’s the longest street in Madrid, so that will have to be saved for another day.

This is what I get to wake up to every morning, not too shabby.


And here starts the beautiful buildings of Calle de AlcalaImage


Interesting mix of modern and traditional stylesImageImage

Casa de AmericaImage

Had to throw in some pretty trees.Image

Since we use the metro a lot, we are going to buy an unlimited month pass for June. This requires us to get a small identification picture-photo-booth time!  ImageImage

Taking a picture while taking a picture.ImageImage


We stopped at El Tablon after class-our new hot-spot-but made sure not to spoil our appetites for dinner.Image

My plate looking lonely because part of dinner tonight was fried pork — which I don’t eat. The other part was brown rice with a medley of vegetables.ImageImage

But mi madre, Sol, accommodated me with a delicious fried egg and some more vegetables.Image

That’s more like it!Image

And fresh, juicy watermelon for dessert!


6 thoughts on “Jet-lagging

  1. Um, it’s funny your madre put that egg as a replacement for the protein in your meal. You see, last week or so, I went out to eat A LOT and in a lot of very diverse and phenomenal restaurants in NY I actually noticed there were a lot of fried eggs on main entrees in the dinner menu. Que rico, I want some, wow, I need to make a feast tonight and top it off with an egg. it’s really so incredible to add it to anything. It gives it a nice essentially nutritious surprise :p Hmmm your blog is making me realize how much I enjoy food and — well, I also loved the buildings, you just don’t wanna taste those! haha 😉

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