Today was another long day at school, but on the bright side, my teachers didn’t give me any homework for the weekend! Even more exciting? My group and I will be going on an excursion to the city of Toledo tomorrow. It is a municipality about an hour (give or take a little) south of Madrid. I don’t know much about Toledo, but I do know that it is an old city rich in history — it’s been around since the Bronze age — and culture: it’s declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in part for its coexistence of the Muslim, Christian, and Jewish cultures.

Oh, and there is a huge medieval castle there along with the Tagus river. Let’s just say my camera will be hard at work tomorrow, so for today, let us rest. After all, tonight is popcorn and a movie night at the Cubas-Knott residence (and my body is begging to get over my jet-lag).

My favorite for dinner tonight, tortilla de patata.


White beans with chicken in a tomato sauce




Ice cream again for dessert!


I didn’t want it to end.


Friday nights are movie nights for my Spanish family, accompanied by palomitas de maiz-popcorn!



2 thoughts on “Ketching-up

    • They were VERY yummy. Dinner is always just about done by the time I get home from school (8 p.m.ishh) so I haven’t been able to watch/assist in cooking but I should make that a goal of mine while i’m here so I can learn how to make these dishes!

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