Urban Art

My apologizes for being a little tardy on this post, fellow followers, I’ve been uber busy here in Madrid. My teacher, Dr. Conrod, wrote a novel called El Hijo de Hernandez that a student  (his name is Lorenzo) wanted to adapt into a film. So in addition to studying Spanish while I’m here, I will also be the first assistant cameraman. Pretty cool, and before Spanish class yesterday, we went “location scouting” for the film. While Lorenzo found awesome places to use, I unfortunately cannot show you guys many of these pictures. Yet.

But don’t worry, dinner will still be served!

One of the streets we went to yesterday was Glorieta de Embajadores. I loved it because it had urban appeal to it (a lot of graffiti/street/industrial art).


Then we went to this gorgeous park, sorry I don’t know the name!ImageImageImage

I need this bicycleImageImageImageImageLooking down, it’s higher up than it looks.


This awesome building/structureImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Baby pinecones.Image

Gatos de la calle — street catsImage


This metro stop, Principe Pio, rocks!Image

Para cenar anoche — for dinner last night — hamburgers and Sol’s famous avocado and tuna salad.Image



And the best ice cream sandwiches for dessert!ImageImage


2 thoughts on “Urban Art

  1. Oh- I think I’m falling in love with Madrid through your blog!
    Im okay with all these beautiful parks, I think I may add Madrid to the list of places to go visit- Is the weather spectacular now? I’d love to go when it’s low tourism but beautiful weather. What do you learn in your school- or what’s their website?

    • Well if you love NYC, you’ll DEFINITELY love Madrid! The two are very similar with the mixture of parks, city life, site-seeing/attractions/tourists, and of course food! It was unusually cold two days ago but now it’s back to being pretty hot again. The weather is beautiful nonetheless, reminds me of Boca without the humidity. I’m taking two classes here. One at a school here called Estudio Sampere where I’m learning Spanish, and one with my teacher who is from FAU and it’s not really a class, we’re in the process of filming a novel that he wrote!

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