Instead of meeting for class in our room at Estudio Sampere today, my teacher Dr. Conrod took us to a photography exhibit. But this was no ordinary photography with expensive, snazzy cameras, it was all from smartphones. We even got a personal guide of the exhibit “Eyephoneography,” from the founder herself, Rocío Nogales

It began in 2010 and is a project of exhibits and activities around mobile photography. At this particular exhibit, there were four artists who were chosen to have their work displayed. All varied in types of photography and all were cool in their own unique way. Rocío said  the exhibit will only grow from here, and I don’t doubt it. So next time you take a picture on your Blackberry or iPhone, imagine how cool it would be to have your pictures shared with the world!


My teacher, Dr. Conrod, and founder of Eyephoneography, Rocío Nogales Image




Rocío gave us all a couple postcards from some artists and a pin.Image

Discussing art and eating — two of my favorite things to do!



The gang


There was an American market right next to where the exhibit was, so when it was over, Casie and I decided it was time to satisfy our peanut butter cravings.


So happy for the ccrema de cacahuete, we know what’s for breakfast tomorrow, and the day after that…


Dinner time included a medley of vegetables.


ImageChicken wings.


Papas fritas!



Then this delicious bar of ice cream!



4 thoughts on “Eyephoneography

  1. Hahaha You found the peanut butter!! Your teacher was my arabic classmate!! Say a few words in arabic to him!! Miss you, keep doing workkk sistaaa!! 🙂

    • I did and I almost ate the whole jar already!:( peanut butter sandwiches everyday! 😛 and that’s so funny! I spoke with Conrod yesterday and told him my brother was in your arabic class and he was like, wait let me guess, your amin’s sister! hahah miss you 🙂

  2. Oh That’s awesome! 🙂 I think there are numerous websites that allow you to grab your iPhone photos or instagram photos and turn them into so many different media, t shirts, bags, iPhone cases, even Canvases!

    Anyway— I’m so jealous of your food status. It’s so yummy every day. lol

    • Technology is seriously taking over the world, whether we like it or not lol but that is so cool! iPhone pictures/eyephoneography is the next big thing! People don’t even need fancy SLR cameras anymore, it’s great!

      And yes, I can honestly say that dinner is the one thing I am always looking forward to every day 🙂

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