Happy Early Birthday to…


So tomorrow, I’ll be flying into Porto, Portugal for the weekend. That’s right, Portugal. Last week Casie and I were checking out flights to nearby cities on this website everyone was telling us about, called RyanAir.com We found cheap tickets to, you guessed it, Porto. My birthday is Monday and I’ve never been to Portugal before and I figured, When else am I going to have the opportunity of being in Europe, finding airplane tickets this cheap? I won’t be bringing my laptop with me, though, so that means you guys will have to stay tuned for my next blog, coming Tuesday. But I promise you this: it will be worth the wait.

Dr. Conrod took us to this really cool place today called La Casa Encendida. It is a pawn shop-turned into a big and beautiful social and cultural center. This place offers workshops, courses, art, exhibitions, a library, cinema, and more. The best thing about this place? Access to it is free and open to the public!


The gorgeous rooftop overlooks Madrid and even has a garden where they plant vegetables, like lettuce.


Dark rooms still exist! This part of the photography room is where people can come in and learn anything from the basics of photography to Photoshop — even how to develop pictures


Relaxing before Spanish class in my favorite spot, el Retiro Park


My favorite dish again for dinner, la tortilla de patata.


And sopa de fava!


Ice cream again, I don’t think there can ever be too much ice cream



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