Porto, Portugal: Day Two

Day two in Porto.

With free breakfast in our stomachs and a nights rest, and Casie and I were ready to explore more of the city. We decided to go on the free walking tour  the Gallery hostel offers every morning. Who better to see and learn about the city than from the locals? The tour was almost two hours long. I learned that Porto is one of the one of the oldest European centers, and registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. When the tour was over, Casie and I continued walking through the city, eventually making our way down to the Douro River that runs all alongside Porto.


My tour guide told me that these candles are part of a religious tradition.

To the right of the number 358 are old etchings of Roman numerals from many centuries ago during the Roman Empire of the region.

Castle in the sky.

There are so many seagulls in Porto.

The famous train station, São Bento, which is famous for its blue tile panels that tell the story of the history of Portugal, remains in use to this day.

Naked mannequin, totally normal.

One of the many vendors selling crafts by the river.

An artist at work. She was carving pendents out of coins.

I bought the starfish for myself!

The Douro River.

These “locks of love”are all over Europe!

Casie did some wine tasting at the famous Calem Winery,which was established over 140 years ago.

One of few bridges over the Douro River that connect the city of Porto to the city of Vila Nova de Gaia.

After walking the entire day, we were exhausted and more than ready to eat dinner. We ate at the hostel again, and considering how delicious the food was the night before, what nice company we had.

Cheese and tomato stuffed mushroom caps!

It was a typical Brazilian dinner. Rice, beans, salad, french fries, steak, and chicken. It just might have been as good as how my Brazilian grandmother makes this!

Dessert: Homemade flan-cake. Another word to describe this is delectable.

Oh yea, and a friend of an employee from the Gallery Hostel brought over cookies and cream ice cream. Homemade cookies and cream ice cream. The Portuguese know how to eat!

A little post dinner entertainment from the cookies and cream chef

I made sure leave my mark at Gallery by leaving a note


We arrived back in Madrid Monday morning, just in time for my birthday. I cam home to this cute note Sol put on my bedroom door.

And she surprised me with a cake after dinner, she is so sweet!


10 thoughts on “Porto, Portugal: Day Two

  1. Dear Lammouse. Miss you. Lovely work as usual. Yasmin arrived two days ago. Looking forward to seeing you in Beirut.

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