Museo Reina Sofia, Palacio De Cristal, and Real Jardin Botanical

My top visits  of the week. So far.
  • Wednesday: La Reina Sofia, Spain’s national museum of 20th century Spanish art. You may recognize the two most famous artists on display: Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.
  • Thursday: El Palacio de Cristal. It translates to “the glass palace.” The beautiful structure is made entirely from glass and has glass exhibits on display
  • Friday: Real Jardin Botanical, a botanical garden made up of flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables, and even tobacco.
It’s been a busy week. Today I went to the city of Segovia, where they are famous for their huge Roman-built aqueduct system. Tomorrow, I’ll be in the city of Granada, known for its Islamic architecture, fortress, and palaces. I can’t wait ! And as always, I won’t forget to share my adventures with you guys, so check back next week to see what my weekend was like!

This face says I probably shouldn’t be taking pictures right now considering it’s not allowed.


Discussing photos and reading poetry


Our teacher and unofficial tour guide, Dr. Conrod


Dali’s, Portrait of Joella


Another work of Dali called The Face of the Great Masturbator. Strange. And if you tilt your head to the left you can see the face of Dali. (Hint: the tip of his nose is touching the ground)


Dali, The Invisible Man


Dali, The Endless Enigma


Creating our own art within the art


No one is allowed to take pictures of Picasso’s work, but this one was permitted! It’s called, Momunet to the Spaniards who Died for France


Dawn of the Resurrection by Joaquin Vaquero Turcios


Palacio de Cristal

One of the several columns constructing the Palacio de Cristal

Bunches of bottles.

These guys making soap bubbles can be found all over Madrid. Some of us decided to take a whirl at it!

Hey, we’re not too bad!

Botanical Gardens. This tree’s roots are so strong that they broke Through the stone stairs. I love it!

Even cats love it here.


Now my favorite time of the day, dinnertime.

Super yummy tortilla de patata






And juicy watermelon!



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