Markets, and markets

One of my favorite things to do in Madrid, is explore all the markets here. These are no ordinary supermarkets that you find next to your local gas station. I’m talking about huge, open-air markets that sell everything from freshly cooked meals, to hand made leather goods. There are a bunch of them to visit in Madrid, but I chose to go to the famous Mercado de San Miguel and El Rastro.

The two were so much fun to shop and walk through. The Mercado de San Miguel was like going to a restaurant and produce market at the same time. You can buy a wide variety of fresh fruit, or just have them juice it for you. It was also loaded with stalls of people selling delicious cooked foods like paella, baked sweets, fish, chicken, beef, gazpacho, mini hamburgers…you name it, they have it!

The Rastro, most certainly lived up to its reputation of being the largest open air flea market in Madrid! With the surrounding streets shut down for the market, you could spend the whole day there roaming around and browsing every vendor…though I don’t advise that for the sake of your wallet. I went with the intent of buying a leather purse and since it comes from Spain, purchasing leather goods is actually very affordable! I’m proud to say I stuck to my intentions  fairly strong, even though I passed buy countless little trinkets and clothes that I would’ve been more than happy to house.


Approaching the Mercado de San Miguel

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageIn the mercado, were stools and tables to sit and enjoy your food…that’s if you could find a spot. This place gets packed!


Tortilla de Patata, my favorite!ImageImage

This happy employee was making fresh yogurt.ImageImage

At the Rastro flea market with my good friend Sarah. Here, she’s negotiating on some shirts to buy…I love that about markets in Spain, the price is almost never set in stone.ImageImage

Inscens ImageImage

Hand made jewelry Image

There were countless vendors selling leather bags!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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